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Electronics Recycling

We will remove and securly recycle electronic components from customers sites free of charge when installing new products. Large item removal can be contracted through us for a small fee. Please call (217) 318-3084 to receive a quotation.

Removal pricing is contingent on product size and components.

We have limited space in our Effingham location. Large items, or large quantity of items may require scheduling to ensure we have room for other products. If you have a large quantity of items needing recycled, please contact us to schedule an appropriate date and time.

Customers are prohibited from leaving recyclable electronics outside our location.

Our associates are concerned about our privacy and that of our customers. Sensitive data (hard drives and storage) is cruched to render the data unreadable. Each recyclable product containing sensitive data requires registration. We will collect personal information, and a certificate of destruction will be emailed to you. You will receive a serial number listing of all availible drives.

Many commercial industries require the certificate of destruction. It assist in proving the device was destroyed, and sensitive data is kept our of prying eyes.

Repair Services

We offer both consumer and business computer repair services. Our Technical associates will scan your computer for errors and issues and remedy your problem. Computer repair service includes a 90 day warranty. If your issue was not resolved within 90 days, we will remedy your device with no additional cost.

The most cost-effective computer repair service is our bench rate. If you bring in your computer for service at our support depot, you rate is significantly lower compared to onsite services. The bench rate allows us to work on multiple devices concurrently as opposed to one device onsite.

We provide residential services for computer, network and component service and repair. In many cases we can work on your device from your location. In some cases, we may require specialized equipment that is only available at our service depot. In these cases, we may receive permission to take your device to our location for service / repair.

The best antivirus is one that is maintained. Maintained AntiVirus software is often updated, has current definitions, actively scans websites and files for viruses/ malware, has a large threat detection network, is responsive, and has quarantined items checked regularly.

We are often asked “why should I pay for AntiVirus when I can get a free one?” In summary, there is a reason it is free. Paid versions of software provide enhanced protection, and may include off site analysis of identified files. Free software generally participates as a threat detection device and alerts paid individuals of malicious software or programs.

Speak with one of our sales associates regarding what software is best for your application.

Our service and repair comes with separate warranty’s depending on parts or service required. Parts fall under the manufacturer warranty and varies by product.

Our managed antivirus comes with a virus free guarantee. If a threat is detected on your device it can be remediated by our AntiVirus solution but, our team may request to remotely access your device to ensure the threat is gone. If your device becomes infected, we clean it for free.

Our services come with a 90 day warranty. If your issue is not fixed, we will service it again until the issue is resolved.

For other service related guarrantees please see out Terms of Service page.

Your device may require additional hardware for better performance. There are many reasons we may include hardware recommendations with your service. Please consider these recommendations as they will better serve your needs. Devices may require more ram, disc speed, graphics card, or power supply for your intended purpose.

We can attempt file recovery from within unallocated space and rebuilding the MFT. Once you have identified that files are missing, please stop using the device and contact us immediately. The less the device is used, increases the chance of file retrieval. There is no guarantee that your specific file will be recovered due to many reasons not provided. Please contact an associate for further explanation.