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A simpler method of IT management

Do you wish there was a way to have a complete IT department without the hastle or cost?
Managed IT Services provides complete IT management, preventative maintenance and 24/7 support.
One monthly fee, complete service & support.

Patch Management

Unpatched software poses a significant security threat. We monitor and manage your software to ensure you have the most up-to-date software available. Security updates are given the highest priority and are verified for authenticity prior to making it on your local machine.

Machine Learning

Computer system logs are monitored for warning signs of potential problems, and mitigated prior to being system outages. Scripts are created to execute repair procedures and automate maintenance and repair services. Unresolved issues automatically initiates service tickets.

Network Monitoring

Your network infrastructure is monitored for threats and communication issues allowing for seamless resolutions while eliminating outages. Integrations between routers, network switches, security appliances, and network devices are monitored to ensure maximum uptime.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Centralized backup and disaster recovery solutions are monitored to ensure your data stays protected. Recovery of critical systems can be seamlessly conducted with industry fastest repair and recovery options with inhouse parts available for immediate deployment.

Easy Request

Requesting service and support has never been easier. Each user can request support by chat, email, phone, or their desktop service icon. Support tickets are easily followed with consistent updates by email and through your user level support portal.

Remote Maintenance

Do you have a mobile workforce? Our managed IT services goes where business takes you with most maintenance being conducted behind the scene to ensure you stay productive. Our Technical Support Services can take control of your screen and assist your issue upon request.

Mobile Device Management

Provisioning and securely managing mobile devices is a snap. Enrolled devices can benefit from software deployment, security maintenance, device recovery, and remote wiping of sensitive data. Most devices can be provisioned remotely while your team keeps doing what they do best.

24/7 Support

Get the support you need when you need it. Managed IT Services places our professional technicians within reach of every device user. This decreases downtime and increases productivity as user can easily request support for problems that could take them hours to resolve.

Multiple Service Plans

Select a service plan that fits your individual needs. Out of the box pricing for remote, remote 24/7, and remote & onsite 24/7 provide flexible options. Additional service plans can be constructed for multi-site agencies to ensure backup device availability and agency wide policy management.

CIO Time

Chief Information Officer reports and planning assist you with evolution and planning. Quarterly meetings are scheduled to provide a summary of your systems, capabilities, and budgetary planning. CIO time frequently reduces cost and increases reliability and sustainability.

Asset Management

It is imperative to have a complete picture of your information systems capabilities and lifecycle. Our asset management program provides complete insight on your IS systems, capabilities, and evolution cycle. Letting you know who and where your assets are at all times.

Support Portal

Support portal access is provided to every user and allows a centralized repository for help desk articles, support tickets, product recommendations, company policy, and much more. Administrators can look at agency wide support tickets and project statuses at any time.

Our Pricing

Managed IT Service Plans

$ 49
  • Device / Month
  • Remote Service & Support
  • Agency Support Portal
  • Annual CIO Time
  • Monitoring & Patch Management
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$ 69
24/7 Remote
  • Device / Month
  • Remote Services Plus
  • Network Monitoring & Management
  • Network Device Management
  • Mobile Device Management Option
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35% off
$ 79
$ 99
24/7 Remote & Onsite
  • Device / Month
  • 24/7 Remote Plus
  • Priority Support
  • Onsite Service Included
  • Stock Backup Devicces
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Service Area

We provide exceptional remote and cloud services nationwide. Occasionally, you may need someone on your doorstep. Our onsite services covers most of Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.
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